We are a family owned business located in Toronto. Hardworking and I   give my best to provide all of our clients with the best possible quality since coming to Canada, I study and so I prepared my specialty being in tubs.


Our mission is to protect the family, the health of your children is very important for any type of   bacteria not to be in your tub; we want you to feel comfortable secure and happy to have solved your bathroom problems. Your bathroom will have a new look.


We enjoy what we do and take pride in our careful and detailed work to get your money’s worth. We are fair and provide competitive pricing and for that reason we have had many clients who are happy with our work and have referred us to other clients.


We use EP-ACRYLIC, a high performance acrylic-based coating with all the advantages of acrylic urethane. It contains NO ISO CYANATES! This means it is safe for use in homes, around food and people as well as in professional business and doctor’s offices.


  * Outstanding durability

  * High UV and color retention

  * Excellent initial gloss and gloss retention

  * High flexibility

  * Fast drying

  * Long-term durability

  * Protects against industrial airborne chemicals

  * Excellent adhesion on all types of materials

  * Maintains water-repellency

  * High hardness

Your bath tub, ceramic tiles, Countertop, Kitchen, Sink, Victorian, Jacuzzi; are painted and fixed the color you want, the drain if Rusty will exchange if your tub, tiles, have voids we covered it with experience, we want to fix your bathroom, all for the welfare of the family can enjoy your tub or bathroom like new.

Are you’re willing to make your home and bathroom have a new look, and have the desire of getting your bathtub, bathrooms, countertops, kitchen repair. You can contact us and get Free Estimates!

Do you have a problem?  Are you concerned that you’re Bathtub, Sink, Victorian, Jacuzzi, Ceramic Tiles, Kitchen, Bathroom, Counter-Tops, and Cabinets.  Are looking bad or need any kind of repair?  Have they lost their shine?  Are you tired of the same color of your bathtub and want to change it?   Have someone painted before and now the countertops of your home are deteriorating its shine?   Is your bathtub cracked? Are you looking for bathtub repair or your kitchen?   Do you want them as new as there were before?

How hard can it be too replaced?  Add the cost of replacing and getting a plumber, and the total cost of going to daddybathtub who do you think will win of course daddybathtub.

THE SOLUTION IS HERE, TO SOLVE YOUR WORRIES!! In these hard economic times, don't spend too much money because, we are here to solve your problem, 30 years of experience in meeting the needs of our customer services , in and out of Toronto, with glazing technical methods, working 100% guaranteed, with the best quote.


We are Experts in bathtub’s, bathroom, countertops and kitchen quality of work, save your money; we present the solution to your problem. We paint all types of bathtubs according to the color of your choice and you enjoy.  All kinds of tubs, for example acrylic, fiberglass, cast iron bathtub, Jacuzzi, Victorian, etc., we fix entirely bathroom including tiles alone or with pedestal sinks.


We specialize in Residential. Commercial, Hotel, Apartment Buildings, Contractor and Real Estate. We fix any Cracked or Chipped, new or old bathtubs.

We do it ALL!!  Daddybathtub, is in your orders for ever. ! Always working better to serve you better! We have a Great Quality, is our services and low prices! Dial! Now and get Free Estimates!

Your tub is safe with daddybathtub

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